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Amy Parker is a realtor, retired elementary school teacher, wife, mother and grandmother.   She holds advanced degrees in Elementary Education and continues to advance her education in real estate.  She taught school in several local  systems and is a native of Thomas County.  After over 25 years as a real estate professional, she joined 24-7 Real Estate Group, Inc. as an affiliate in August of 2020.  Amy's goal is to help her prospects get what they want in the way of real estate.  If she can't do it, she will do her best to find someone who can.  Satisfied clients who can say,  "We couldn't have had a better realtor" is her professional purpose.  Amy is most thankful for her faith in God and love of her family.    She has a special place in her heart for all of God's people and forging new friendships through business is one of her delights.   She describes  her life as continuously evolving.